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Mortgage 101 for Agents

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1:30 – Introduction

5:45 – Why should I as the Realtor learn about my buyer’s financing?

9:00 – The Pre-Approval Letter (what it is and is not)

17:30 – How is my home buyer Pre-Approved for financing?

24:25 – Lender underwriting basics.

38:45 – Every stage of the mortgage approval process.

43:25 – What Agents can do to make sure their buyer’s loan goes smoothly.

46:25 – How do I know how many days to put on contract for Finance Contingency?

48:45 – How can my home buyer compare different lender offers?

51:30 – Will a credit inquiry hurt my buyer’s credit score?

54:30 – What does signing the Loan Estimate mean for my buyer?

57:30 – Why do we need to receive Initial Underwriting Approval before Finance Contingency expires?

59:00 – How do we help our buyers avoid high interest rates? How are higher rates affecting the real estate market?

101:30 – Economic recession is predicted for 2023. An Adjustable Rate may be better (and a higher rate with no lender fees today).

105:55 – What is the best rate for my buyer? An ARM loan saves around $4000, compared to 30-year Fixed (for a $400,000 loan).

107:25 – How does a rate lock work? Can my buyer lock in their rate for 3 or 6 months, especially for new construction home?

113:15 – Can my buyer get better lender pricing if they improve their FICO credit score?

115:30 – Why is mortgage insurance not always a bad option?

119:30 – How can I check mortgage rates every day?

120:29 – Can I take a class for CE credit to learn more about mortgage approval?

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